WordPress website and theme customizations, repairs, and updates

WordPress Theme Customization

A well done WordPress Theme Customization can be the difference between having a cookie cutter site that resembles hundreds of others, and something truly one of a kind with the style, branding and functions that best represent your company or organization.

No matter how many options and settings a theme has, no theme designer can account for the needs of every possible user and give your company the look and presentation on the web that it deserves.

Whether you need a complete style and branding overhaul or an upgrade to your websites functionality, I’ll follow your guidance to style a WordPress Theme Customization that will turn the premium theme on your existing website, into the personalized, branded company website that you first envisioned.

I can also create a child theme using any installed template as the base/parent theme, so that you never have to worry about overwriting any changes or customizations during future updates.

Custom Website Footers

It’s common for large websites to out grow their main navigation. There’s info that you want readily available as quick links for your readers, yet over doing your drop down menus looks cluttered and unprofessional.

I can restyle or create a Custom Website Footer on your existing website, adding additional space for links, navigation, images, forms , pdfs, video and other important information that you want seen across your website. The perfect solution for maximizing space, without sacrificing style.


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