WordPress/Website SEO

WordPress Search Engine Optimization all starts with proper structure of your website and the content on it.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Serch Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” search results.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization starts with proper structure of  your website and the content on it. I cannot/will not execute any SEO strategy or set up without a full evaluation of your website.

Every new WordPress website that I build, includes onsite Search Engine Optimization of each page to create the most effective foundation for further off site SEO efforts so that people can find you and your business online.

I insure that your on page copy, page titles and descriptions are structured according to best practices and Google and Bing guidelines for best results. I’ll insure that your chosen keyword is applied properly throughout to acheive the best on page SEO score possible, based on the information on the page.

In addition I also insure that you have the best URL structure of each page to insure that you are set up to capture the search results that you are shooting for.

**This includes verifying your website with Google and Bing/Yahoo, submitting your sitemap to each, Google Knowledge Graph, and setting up and installing Google Analytics.

Note: Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy that involves many aspects of your web and content marketing. Successful SEO cannot be achieved quickly and is more than merely a few lines of code, plug ins or short term “tricks”. No service provider can guarantee you definitive results, rankings, conversions, or a specific ROI. Results vary.


Search Engine Optimization
Fresh content is an essential tool in your long term Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Whether it be relevant articles news important to your target market, updated company information, promotions, press, or entertainment. New content keeps your website site relevant, and provides you with more avenues in which to which to be found in the Search Results.

Every WordPress Website is already blog ready.

I will consult with you on the best strategies on determining what to publish, and copy writing tips that help your articles get noticed and shared, as well as, assist you with building your G+ authors profile.

Social Media Integration

Promoting your website content to your various Social Media profiles, and the followers that you have on them is now an essential part of every internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategy. However it is not easy. A successful Social Media campaign requires far more than just posting your blog to Facebook.

I’ll integrate your Social Channels with your website, so that you can distribute your fresh content efficiently and get the word out to your followers and help you avoid common mistakes and traps that new businesses fall into that can be harmful to your business.

I can also build your company a Custom Facebook Page with the branding and functions that you want to engage your followers, sell products, syndicate your blog posts and articles, or run your promotions.

If additional Social Media strategies and management is needed, I can help with that too.

Local Search

Local Search
If you receive clients or customers to your brick and mortar store, office or any physical location, your included local profile is essential in your SEO Strategy.

I’ll set up your Places profile so that users have all of the relevant information about your business at their finger tips whether they are searching Google for you on their desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Your Local Places profile can include reviews, video, coupons, and of course a Google map and directions to your business that make it as easy as possible for customers to locate you whether they are just leaving their office, or on the road and on the way.

Local Search parameters are an essential part of your website’s on page SEO and Social Media profiles and should be integrated from the ground up.

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