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I have a WordPress website. Due to some malicious hacking, it started malfunctioning, randomly changing themes to an ugly format that caused some of the text to be illegible. I searched the WordPress Help Forums, and found others experiencing this problem, but no one found any solution.

I contacted my hosting company, who worked on the problem for over two years, and not only couldn’t fix it, they actually made it worse. Now, the site randomly went BLANK, making people think the site was dead. I hired a computer programming expert, who failed to fix the problem. Then I searched the internet for more experts, and several declined to take on the job.

Then I found Harold, who identified the problem in ten minutes, and had it completely eradicated within an hour. What a MIRACLE WORKER!!! He did what no one else could come close to doing,

Not only is Harold a computer genius, he is also friendly, easy to communicate with, responsive to email questions, and super-quick in dealing with everything. He was also totally fair and generous with his time and effort. He could have easily charged me for more hours of work — I would have believed that this solution could have taken 5 hours to complete — but Harold knew I was not a wealthy man, and was HONEST, charging me for only 1 hour, even though it probably took a little longer for the job to be complete.

I HIGHLY recommend Harold for any computer/website job that you might have. I found him to be prompt, efficient, personable, and amenable to my desire of communicating through email instead of on the phone (because I am very shy).

Also very appreciated: Harold took complicated programming issues, and was able to explain them to me in layman’s terms, so I could understand them, and not feel so computer illiterate and ignorant.

Don’t even THINK of calling a competitor — You must call Harold, and he will solve all your problems, just like he ended my two-year nightmare. And he will treat you right.


Dave Goldfarb via Google Reviews

Harold fixed all the problems I was having on my website and updated the look and copy on several major pages. As I result, sales increased virtually immediately!
Do I recommend him? Absolutely I do.
He was fast, his customer service was amazing and the site looks fantastic.

Harold Mansfield from NHAB.IT Web Solutions setup the online store for my website. Harold is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone.

My site is a WordPress site and he is a WordPress expert. We got several quotes which were all over $3,000. We found Harold on Angie’s list and I called to get a quote. It was after business hours and he still answered and talked to me, asked me what I needed and told me he could easily do it for a lot less. He began working on it right away, suggested a plugin I purchase to do what was needed. He installed the plugin, did a little custom coding and we were up and running in no time.

Harold even spent a few hours with me on the phone, again after hours, to explain how the plugin would work. If you are looking for help with your WordPress site there is no reason to call anyone else. Is prices are fair, he isn’t going to try and up-sell you and does the work in a timely fashion


Kylene Parkila via Angie's List

I hired Harold to redo my website since i already knew him through a small business forum. He had the most complaints about my existing website, so i knew he was the one to redo it. He started over from scratch and completed it in around 2 months.

Harold gave me 3x as many pages for 20% less than my original website guy. My website sales calls have increased 300% and its only been 3 weeks since the website was completed. I will continue to use Harold to handle all my updates.

Provide top notch WordPress webmaster assistance.
On 2/13/14 I went to update a clients website during a Valentines Day holiday sale. The website broke. My client was upset.

– I updated a clients WordPress website.
– The website “blew up” during prime time hours.
– I contacted Harold at NHABIT Web Solutions.
– Harold responded with an answer and fix within 1 hour (60 minutes).
– I fixed the website per Harolds instruction.
– The website was fixed within 3 hours of being broken.

I was more than satisfied.
My client was satisfied.

Harold redesigned and rebuilt our company website.
From the very first telephone conversation I knew that this guy was going to be good. He immediately understood what it was that I wanted and started coming up with ideas without being at all pushy.

Once he got started on the project he communicated frequently, always soliciting my input and making sure that I was happy with what he was doing. I made quite a lot of changes as we went along and Harold took them all in his stride and never seemed exasperated.

The result is that we have a very good looking, professional site which we are really proud of.
His work was always delivered in the timescale he promised and he remained within budget throughout the process. He has subsequently been available for some minor tweaks without extra charge.

It isn’t often that I give anyone five stars but I can truly say that Harold deserves every one of them.

NHabit created a web site for me in WordPress to promote my freelance journalism business. I provided him with some ideas of my own, along with an example, a web site from a colleague or mine that I really admired. From that, Harold built a site that in many ways exceeded my expectations.
Member Comments:
I found working with Harold at NHabit to be a real pleasure.

I knew I wanted a web site to promote my business, but in many ways was a bit intimidated by the process of creating one. After seeing other recomendations for NHabit on Angie’s List, I sent him a contact email, describing what I wanted and the price I was willing to pay. I included an example of a colleague’s web site, which was done in WordPress, that I really admired.

Harold responded quickly and we did a phoner in which he took the time to explain how my colleague’s site was put together and how working together, we could come up something that was not just similar, but in many ways superior.

After that initial phoner, he did a great job, via email, of letting me know what type of content would be needed for the various pages on the site. Harold also did a fantastic job of managing the project, gently nudging me to provide him with content, including pictures, in a timely manner. This was great as I know I would have dragged me feet on some of this otherwise.

After Harold built the site–which I was very pleased with–he then went above and beyond by setting up a call to walk me through how I could then access the WordPress Dashboard on the site on my own, to either change the messaging or add new content. He even patiently explained ways and strategies to tie the site to my social media pages and how to best generate good results on search engines.

The whole thing was done, from start to finish, in a matter of days.

Harold is a true professional and I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Edward Yankner via Angie's List

Harold will absolutely be my go-to person for all future WordPress issues. He fixed my site within about 20 minutes of my making a call to him, and then also offered some additional tips to help me keep from making mistakes in the future. The price was very reasonable, especially considering it was an emergency.


Nicki Krawczyk via Angie's List

My web site was loading slowly. I’ve worked with 2 unrelated web developers in an attempt to get the issue fixed and was at the point of considering getting a new site developed. Harold resolved the issue quickly and at a very fair price. He made several changes to my wordpress site, deleting some unnecessary files and making changes to files on my server as well as my web site.

I am thrilled with the exceptional service I received from NHABIT Web Solutions and strongly recommend their service. He answered the phone promptly and professionally. He focused on my specific problem and worked to resolve the issue ASAP. He was very knowledgeable and helpful, and didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need.

It’s obvious that he is very educated with regard to web design, especially with WordPress sites. He fixed my issue within an hour and then called me back to review exactly what he did. I’ve worked with two unrelated web designers prior to this, and they could not fix the issues with my site. He fixed everything on the same day. Prior to calling him, I called three other companies, and none of them would even call me back.

I’ve been involved with Internet marketing for years, and have long been frustrated with web designers. So refreshing to find someone that is responsive, professional, knowledgeable and honest. I will most definitely use him again.


Steve Pitt via Angie's List

He rebuilt the intake client contact form on my website.
He did exactly what I asked.

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Peter Rogers via Angie's List

Harold transferred our outdated website to a new wordpress theme plus spiffed up lots of things.
I called Harold in a bit of a panic because the web developer I had hired 5 months prior had barely made a dent in my website. I needed to get the show on the road and I laid out what I needed from Harold.

Harold is pleasant, straightforward and a problem solver. He has a good eye for design. He is exactly the kind of person I like to work with. He explained my options, gave me the pros and cons of certain web themes and provided lots of good information from his ample experience to help me make good decisions. After a couple of conversations and good questions, he gave me a detailed bid.

After our site launched (a little over 5 weeks from my first conversation with him), Harold stayed close by and was available for every little concern and any problems I was having. Personally, dealing with our website makes me fairly nervous because it’s our storefront, our bread and butter. Things have to work great. Harold made sure of that.

Saved the Day! We had our site down for a few hours and couldn’t figure out what to do with all of the website error messages we were getting. I found Harold through a Google search and emailed him about my dilemma. I received a prompt reply, knowledgeable phone call, and prompt service. My problem was fixed in no time and the whole experience was fantastic.

Not only did my problem get solved but he taught me how to solve the problem myself for the future. What a thoughtful and excellent service provider.

The entire experience was excellent. I found that the service in particular met the following standards I have for industry experts in the Website Design and Development industry.

Excellent response time

Thorough analysis of the problem

Prompt Resolution of the error

Professional and courteous

Fair price for immediate emergency response

Educated and empowered


Seth Waite via Angie's List

Called NHABIT because my WordPress site was not working properly. I could not edit any of my pages after updating the software. Harold said he would charge me for one hour of labor and if it was going to require more he would let me know.

After spending more than an hour on the problem he called to say that he was stumped and could not find the issue but was going to try cleaning up some files before giving up. You could tell he was determined to find and fix the problem. He was finally successful and refused to accept any additional money beyond the $75.00 first collected. I highly recommend INHABIT.

Harold is very competent, professional and ethical!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. It was a pleasure working with you as well.

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A


Francis Tagliavote via Angie's List