Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Not Sending Emails?

Have you ever had the frustrating problem of Contact Form 7 ( or any contact form) not sending emails, even though you get “Success. Your Message Has Been Sent”?

The problem started for me about a year ago. I tried all of the SMTP plug ins, PHP hacks, file changes and nothing worked. After weeks of trying to figure out a solution, I finally gave up and just axed forms on all of my websites. Pretty humiliating since I build websites, not to be able to figure out my own problem. I was convinced that it was something that I was doing wrong or that Contact Form 7 was now a crap plug in that doesn’t work anymore after years of successful usage.

However, I frequently install forms on client websites and they work just fine. So the problem has to be me, right?

Recently while building a new website, I decided that I really needed a form and began investigating this problem again. This time I went straight to my host. After a few minutes of testing, he checked the IP address sending the mail.

The Problem

Turns out that IP addresses get blacklisted pretty easily by one service or another. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with you, or anything you’ve done wrong. Anyone can report or blacklist an IP address as spam. When that happens to the IP address on your mail server, your mail gets trapped by spam filters and hangs in the cue, never to see the light of day again. This is why your forms can be working one day, and not the next.

This is what was happening to me, and why forms on none of my sites were working even though test after test showed that the message was sent. As my tech support person went down the list of available IPs on my server, one after another were blacklisted.

The Solution

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the solution was for my host to find a clean IP address to assign to my mail server, and BINGO!, all was right with the world again. Almost immediately all of the test messages started pouring out of the cue and landing in my inbox. To think….I could have solved this problem months ago if I hadn’t been so sure it was somehow my fault.

If you find yourself having this frustrating problem, don’t take it out on Contact Form 7. Turns out the plug ins is as good as it ever was. The problem for me, was that apparently half of the IP addresses in world are blacklist (probably overstated).

Get with your host to check it out. It may save you hours (even weeks) of frustration.

Hope this helps.