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LinkedIn Discussion Groups, Spam and Obnoxious Self Promotion

LinkedIn Discussion Groups & Spam Am I the only one that notices the almost overwhelming amount of spam and self promotion on LinkedIn Discussion Groups? Sure, I know Linked In is a business network where people connect with each other with the hopes of cultivating relationships that turn into business, jobs or to build a professional network.  Many people also use it to find professionals that offer needed services or advice. However, LinkedIn discussion groups, you know…where people start threads asking for help, advice or suggestions about a particular area of business… are ridiculously out of control with spam and […]

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail Online

The reasons why small businesses fail online are almost universal across the business community. I’m a firm believer that you can learn a lot about success, by understanding why those before you have failed.  Although the web has been a great equalizer in business by giving small business owners  a level playing field with the “big boys”, it can be a very complicated medium to understand. For the first time small businesses have direct access and control of their marketing without the aid of a middle man or a staff  that guides them  in the right direction. However, this new found […]

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